Department of Innovative Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology,
Oita University

+ About Division of Architecture

This division has designed its curriculum not only for the knowledge of architectural engineering but also for the newest related areas of Planning, Design and Construction in Architecture and Living Environments.

Some of the research areas in the Course include:
  • Illuminating, Heating, Acountic and Aerodynamic Environment in Architectural Design
  • Computer-Aided Design Technology
  • Architectural Planning, Housing Development
  • Residential Areas, Regional Facilities, City Planning, Urban Design
  • Construction Materials such as Cement and Concrete
  • Mechanical Characteristics of Structures, especially Aseismic Design of Building Structures

+ Staff and Laboratory

  • Architectural Environmental Engineering
   Professor Toru OTSURU Lab.
   Professor  Seiki MANABE Lab.
   Associate Professor Reiji TOMIKU Lab.

  • Architectural Planning and Urban Planning
   Professor  Yoshihiro SUZUKI Lab.
   Professor Yuji KOBAYASHI  Lab.
  Associate ProfessorKen SHIBATALab.
   Research Associate Yuka HIMENO Lab.

  • Structural Engineering
   Professor  Kenji KIKUCHI Lab.
  ProfessorMasayuki KUROKI Lab.
   Associate Professor Kei TANAKA Lab.
   Research Assistant Hideko NONAKA  

  • Architectural Materials
  Professor  Ryoji FUKUDA Lab.
  Professor Toshihiro OTANI Lab.
 Research AssociateYoshitada AKIYOSHI Lab.